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Corporate Governance

A4 Holding has developed a system of governance and rules that allow to operate in accordance with the basic rules of sustainability: ethics, transparency, security, social development, environmental protection, open dialogue with its stakeholders, commitment to the territory and local economies.
The Corporate Charter of A4 Holding illustrates the principles that govern the activity and the management of the company. The Corporate Charter also establishes the role of shareholders and the criteria for the appointment of the Board of Directors and of the Auditors.
Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics is a tool of corporate social responsibility. The Code of Ethics identifies the core values where corporate culture found its bases and from which the principles and management policies are derived. These policies govern the implementation of best practices of conduct which guide our daily actions in all business activities.
The Code of Ethics of A4 Holding guides the management of the Group according to ethical values and principles, in order to promote unambiguous behavioral policies that meet the stakeholders’ needs and the consolidation of a positive corporate reputation.  
To cater for the reporting of possible violation, behaviors and practices that do not conform to the Code of Ethics, the company prepared and made available specific communication tools.
Organizational, management and control Model pursuant to the legislative decree 231/2001
A4 Holding adopted the organization, management and control Model pursuant to the legislative decree 231/2001, with the aim of creating a comprehensive set of procedures and preventative controls in order to prevent the offences.
The organization, management and control  Model pursuant to the legislative decree 231/2001 has been adopted by the subsidiaries of strategic importance.
Compliance Committee
The Compliance Committee was set up pursuant to the provisions of Decree 231/2001 (and subsequent amendments) with the task of defining the organization, management and control Model for all the Companies of the Group in order to prevent the Company’s liability from administrative offences.
Furthermore, the Compliance Committee has the task of implementing and analyzing the information flow system that allows supervision of its functioning and model compliance, to examine the audits’ reports and to schedule additional activities.
The Compliance Committee can be contacted and reports of alleged violation to the Code of Ethics and to the Organizational, Management and Control Model can be sent via email at the following address:
A4 Holding S.p.A.  is continuously seeking to improve its internal procedures, adapting them to the Group development.
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