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Moving ideas, people and information

A new motorway is a resource that furthers development by sustaining the economic system, improving relations among people, promoting the exchange of ideas, and thus creating conditions capable of nurturing the growth of culture and knowledge.
Mobility must be both integrated and sustainable. Railway, port and airport structures must be coordinated and integrated with a quality roadway and motorway network.
Existing motorways must be further enhanced through virtual motorways of information in the form of fibre optic networks: a powerful and driving force of mobility and accessibility for things, people, and information.
We are determined to guarantee safe and intelligent mobility for both people and vehicles, using cutting-edge technologies and solutions for preventing accidents while safeguarding the environmental balance and landscape.
This is the commitment of the A4 Holding Group, which we have been striving to attain day by day, thanks to the determination, expertise and know how of our people, to the most innovative technologies and the daily commitment we put into the realization of all the works and projects undertaken by our Group.
A4 Holding Group’s scope is just to move ideas, persons and information.





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