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A4 Holding with young people for road safety
30 November 2018

11 meetings already planned and others in definition that will involve young people of secondary schools from the areas that intersect A4 and A31.

A very busy calendar of meetings, which will take place from December 2018 to May 2019 and in that will present the format "Mi aspettavo che...". Each appointment will propose a theatrical performance lasting about 40 minutes and a debate between students and road safety representatives operating in the area.

The play tells the story of Lucia, a girl like many of her peers, who sees her plans and her life destroyed when she falls victim to a serious car accident. The debate will instead be animated by representatives of the organs of the Police, as well as representatives of the Fire Brigade and the nurses of the SUEM 118 of Verona together with the parents of some victims of the road, the handbike athletes of the GSC Giambenini and to the Auxiliaries of the Viability of the A4-A31 motorway to discuss together the impact that an unexpected and dramatic event can generate on everyday life. Between testimonies and insights, the "protagonists" will talk to each other and to the public to firmly underline the importance of raising awareness and educating road users on the issue of road safety.

An empowerment campaign strongly desired by A4 Holding together with Verona Strada Sicura Association to make people understand once again, in dialogue and comparison especially with young people, what can lead to carelessness, tiredness and lack of responsibility behind the wheel.