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A4 Holding for the “5th Fifth United Nations Global Road Safety Week”
08 May 2019

From 6th to 12th May 2019 there is scheduled to be the "Fifth United Nations Global Road Safety Week”, in which A4 Holding actively participates with various initiatives designed to involve children, young people and all those who move in favor of road safety.

The United Nations project wants to emphasize the importance of a safe road to face the high numbers of victims and injuries from road accidents: each year, 1.35 million people die on the roads of the world. In particular, road accidents are the primary cause of death for many school-aged children involved on the journey that takes them from home to school. This is why it is essential to raise our voice and take action in order to reduce the causes of accidents. With the #speakuptosavelives campaign, the United Nations want to incentivize populations from all corners of the world to raise road safety related problems in their territory so it can receive the attention of those who have the possibility to find an effective solution.

For A4 Holding, it will be the children of the kindergarten of the Aleardo Aleardi International School of Verona to process the requests for safe mobility. In particular, during the UNGSW (United Nation Global Safety Week) laboratory, children will develop their thoughts on road safety, the danger elements they perceive on the road and the solutions that, according to their point of view, could be adopted. Their testimony will be collected by A4 Holding through the UNGSW #speakuptosavelive portal.

On the other hand, #usalatesta is the format that A4 Holding addresses to students of the Carnacina Institute of Valeggio sul Mincio who are close to obtain their driving license to make them reflect on the importance of safe and responsible driving. Together with Verona Strada Sicura Association and representatives of the safety sector including SUEM 118, Traffic Police, Fire Brigade, our Traffic Assistants will speak to the students to learn more about all aspects of road safety to respond to the appeal of the United Nations.

For A4 Holding Group, road safety has always been a priority and this week's initiatives are representative of a daily commitment inside and outside the company. The invitation to share them is therefore addressed to all who support road safety personally or institutionally.