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A4 Mobility and Kapsch TrafficCom provide cutting-edge solutions to the Port of Livorno
05 October 2016

A4 Mobility S.r.l. and Kapsch TrafficCom S.r.l. will be supplying and installing the new authorisation management and physical control system, known as “GTS3”, for the access roads to the Port of Livorno. This €800k project involves creating 16 control lanes for vehicles along the “Darsena Toscana”, “Galvani”, “Valesini” and “Zara” access roads to the Port of Livorno. These lanes will be equipped with new and more precise inspection technology, able to provide remote reporting, which will replace the now obsolete equipment.

In fact, each lane will allow for the automatic identification of vehicle and trailer number plates, as well as of the containers being transported and their relative code. Thanks to this new system, operators will be able to inspect the authorisations held by each vehicle and check them against the information read on badges and barcodes, as well as identifying the drivers and completing facial recognition. This information will also be exchanged with the integrated TPCS system (Tuscan Port Community System), allowing for trade flows and the relative customs procedures to be linked with the vehicles actually leaving the port access roads.

A4 Mobility will run the central data collection and standardisation system relating to the traffic passing through, and will also manage the logic applied to authorise access, computerising upstream the Companies Register available at the Port Authority and making this tool easier to use for operators. Kapsch TrafficCom will be in charge of controlling access to the port gates, integrating the CCTV and communication systems to allow for greater transparency with regard to operations and their monitoring. “The Port Authority of Livorno requested the GTS3 system in order to bring port access in line with the safety standards required by operators, also in consideration of the current international situation.

The objective is to raise these standards and, at the same time, make controls more efficient.” – stated Andreas Hummer, General Manager of Kapsch TrafficCom Italia. “The new system to control access to the Port of Livorno, designed by Kapsch,” continued Roberto Porrini, General Manager of A4 Mobility, “will in fact implement new functionalities and will be integrated with the software already used by the Port Authority and by Police and Maritime Authorities to guarantee the maximum level of control and safety.” This solution combines the consolidated experience of Kapsch TrafficCom in the field of road traffic management with new automatic identification and safety technology, a new and exciting challenge for this leading ITS company.