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The second edition of Aedifica with the A4H BIM starts
03 April 2019

Thursday 4th and Friday 5th April 2019 the Bisazza Foundation of Montecchio Maggiore (VI) hosts the second edition of Aedifica, born from the desire of Confartigianato Vicenza to be inspired by the future to understand the present of buildings and create new opportunities for the market in terms of sustainability energy, territorial and human. The event is dedicated to companies and professionals in the sector, to citizens and public administrations engaged in the task and desire to consciously build the future of the territory.

A4 Holding opens the event by participating at the conference on Thursday 4 April at 14:00 together with Prof. Giuseppe Martina di Giuda from the Politecnico di Milano. It is an opportunity to illustrate the use of the BIM methodology in the design of infrastructure works on the Brescia Verona Vicenza Padua motorway. The case studies are represented by Eng. Gabriella Costantini, Head of the Construction Function, and by Eng. Pier Mauro Masoli, Head of the Valdastico Project Function. The interventions aim to illustrate some key issues for understanding the impacts of the BIM methodology on traditional design and construction methods and processes through the description of application cases of works and infrastructures. The presentation in fact wants to highlight how the BIM methodology presupposes a new working method that sees its maximum effectiveness in the integration and optimization of operating processes and in the collaboration of all operators in the supply chain.

An event that cannot be missed, entirely dedicated to innovation in the construction sector, urban development and saving of resources with particular reference to the containment of soil consumption, the energy efficiency of buildings, the environmental compatibility of materials.