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The study for the new viability of Verona Sud starts
27 July 2018

It was published today the call for tenders for the award of engineering services for the preparation of a Feasibility Study and the Technical and Economic Feasibility Project for the new road access to the city of Verona from the motorway exit, in the Official Journal, "Verona Sud".

An initiative undertaken by the A4 Holding Group and strongly supported by the municipal administration which, in concert, intend to find a definitive and long-term solution for one of the main access gates to the city.

On the basis of the assumptions that will emerge from this first but in-depth analysis, the Company will identify, with the Municipality and the subjects territorially concerned, the best solution to be definitively launched.

The amount of the intervention, to be paid by A4 Holding, is estimated overall at 60 million euro, with a first phase of intervention of about 20 million euro already included in the Economic and Financial Plan, and aims to create a more connected system. functional between the motorway, the southern ring road and the municipal road network which is finally adequate to support the current needs of mobility and accessibility of the area, but which also takes into account the urban development forecasts envisaged by the Municipal Administration of Verona.

It should in fact be considered that, over the years, Verona Sud has become an increasingly central hub for access to the city and in particular to the fairgrounds and businesses that gravitate to the area.

If the motorway toll booth has been enlarged and implemented over time with new highly automated technologies that allow fast flow and outflow towards the motorway, the local road network is no longer consistent with current needs nor capable of supporting the related traffic peaks to city events and shows. The study will also have to take into consideration the external road network, which suffers from a poor absorption capacity as well as the presence of new commercial and office buildings.

"In consideration of the changed urban context and the great development that has affected this area, together with the Mayor Federico Sboarina we have evaluated the opportunity to give an effective response to the road needs of this area. The goal is to identify a solution for access to the historic center that can expertly integrate urban, motorway and suburban roads and offer a synergistic public and private mobility service. We are confident that this is a complex challenge but I am convinced that the determination to find a shared and definitive solution is the right push to achieve our goal: to give Verona access to meet the demands of its citizens and its business fabric”, said Carlos Del Río Carcaño, Chairman of A4 Holding.

"The announcement published today is vital for the decongestion of traffic in southern Verona both for the benefit of residents and for the economic activities based in the area, including the fair. We have reached this operational stage thanks to the fruitful meetings of the past months with Chairman Del Rio. The renewal of the toll booth is a fair and compatible intervention with the development lines envisaged by my administration. After the start of the preliminary design of the variant to the state 12, this is another important result of the work done in recent months in great collaboration with A4 Holding, whose first results are outlined "commented Mayor Federico Sboarina.