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Fourth edition of the European Truck Festival to be held at the Brescia Est parking facility
01 September 2017

Just a few days to go until the opening of the fourth edition of the European Truck Festival. Preparations are well underway for the event to be held on 16th and 17th September at the Brescia Est Parking Facility in Castenedolo (BS), set to be one of this year's most important gatherings of trucks, decorated or not.

The event, known as “The Gathering near Europe” due to both its location, close to Europe’s major arterial roads, and the high number of foreign participants, features a programme that is even more jam-packed than last year. There’s sure to be lots of fun at the event, with a fantastic show by the world’s strongest men, who’ll be pulling along trucks with their own bare hands. There’ll also be plenty of adrenaline and speed with the motorbike and car acrobatics performed by “Drift Show”, not to mention the traditional “truckfest” events: an arm wrestling tournament, the racy “truckwash” and the unmissable “stuff your face”  eating contest.

This year, the opening conference on road safety, to be held on Saturday morning, will once again be organised and managed directly by A4 Holding. The Conference Area will be used for more informal features such as workshops, refresher courses and face-to-face meetings between companies and customers; one such meeting will be held on Sunday morning at 10.30am, when ACITOINOX and then ALCOA WHEELS will be talking with their customers in front of journalists and industry technicians.

Lastly, among the many things on offer at the European Truck Festival, those interested can test drive state-of-the-art vehicles provided by the various manufacturers, on a dedicated track inside the parking facility.