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Dear Verona, dear Veneto,
18 July 2020

On the 25th of July it will start, in the biggest open-air theatre of the world, the Arena di Verona, the “Festival d’estate 2020”, called “Nel cuore della musica”, an appointment with a tradition long a hundred of years that has made the city of Verona and Veneto famous all over the world for the cultural offer proposed over the years.

The event will have to struggle with the constraints of the public and with a crisis, due to the epidemiological emergency, which today affects many sectors in Italy, especially the cultural one.

These are the reasons why this is going to be a different Festival, surely reinvented because of the restrictions and distancing, but still highly engaging and always exceptional in the panorama of international cultural offers.

While not hiding the difficulties that our infrastructure and transport sector is going through, A4 Holding has decided also for this year to confirm its support for the Fondazione Arena di Verona, to defend and encourage art and culture, which are an excellent therapy for all of us who want our life to go back to normal quickly.

The Arena di Verona should not be left in silence, just as all the initiatives that are thought to get people closer together again and participate in support of the local economic system and the territory.

I affirm this as chairman of A4 Holding Group and as a Spaniard who is in love with Italy, Verona and Veneto, as someone who thinks that helping to feed the culture of a territory is a matter of social responsibility, for the purpose of fully integrate our work with that of others, being able to return what we receive.

Because defending the role and prestige of culture in Italy must not only be an economic commitment but also a moral obligation, an investment for those of us who firmly believe that a system must be created between companies and territories.

Through our motorways we try once more not only to connect places and people, but also to support as much as we can everything that makes the cities and regions that are crossed suggestive, renowned and unforgettable.


Gonzalo Alcalde

Chairman A4 Holding