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Since 2018, there has been an average increase of Euro 0,11 on this strech of the motorway in order to drive safely along its 235 km
17 January 2018

The motorway toll varies depending on the type of vehicle used, the number of km covered and the characteristics of the infrastructure (lowland or mountain motorway), and it is calculated by multiplying the unit rate by the number of kilometres covered.

The rates charged by the various motorway concessionaires are based on the indications provided by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. They are updated annually based on the “price-cap” system which adjusts prices according to the planned annual inflation rate, reduced by improvements to company productivity and corrected based on variations to the quality of service on offer.

With regard to the stretches of motorway managed by the company Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova, A4 Holding has introduced an average rate increase of Euro 0.11 for 2018. This increase, which, when considering roundings in certain vehicle classes (e.g. cars) and stretches, is equal to Euro 0, takes into consideration external factors such as the increase in inflation, as well as investments in the quality and safety of infrastructure, measured in terms of surfacing (evenness and roughness of the tarmac) and in terms of the number of accidents compared to the volume of traffic (the so-called “Safety Index”).

For many years now, the company A4 Brescia-Padova Spa is one of the motorway concessionaires in Italy that invests the most in safety. Through its ongoing and innovative programme to maintain, modernise and boost the efficiency of its network, this company has achieved one of the lowest accident rates in Italy and in Europe, recording a 45% reduction over the last decade.