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A4 Holding together with Fondazione Arena for the 2018 edition of the Opera Festival
24 May 2018

For A4 Holding, the solid partnership with Fondazione Arena and the support for the 2018 edition of the Opera Festival, which this year will be held from June 22 to September 1, maintain over the years the aim of strengthening the relationship with Verona, with its institutions and with the cultural tourism that the city hosts.

For the Group, commitment and direct support to the progress of the territories crossed by its infrastructures remain essential: a commitment that has been renewed for 65 years and which has allowed and allows A4 Holding to truly contribute to the social and economic development not only of Verona , but also of all the provinces and capitals that intersect the road axes managed by the Group.

Indeed, A4 Holding supports many social promotion initiatives and the maintenance and implementation of the cultural offer promoted by local institutions and linked to the great events of art, theater and music of consolidated tradition.

The path of A4 Holding for culture has also provided for this year the participation of important collaborations with Italian cultural bodies, such as that with Ales (the in-house company of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) on the occasion of the exhibition "Picasso between Cubism and Classicism 1915-1925", which closed at the end of January at the Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome.

"Our mentality and the idea we have of relationship and dialogue with the territory and with its stakeholders - commented the President of A4 Holding Carlos del Río Carcaño - lead us to contribute to the effort that the Veronese institutions make in order to strengthen and expand the offer and the cultural heritage, aware as we are that a true and solid link with Verona is built and consolidated through the sharing of objectives and commitments".