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The last variations of the new Valdastico Nord have been definied
14 May 2020

A4 Holding, a company of the Abertis Group that manages the A4 Brescia-Padova and A31 Valdastico motorway networks, informs that today, through a video conference, the last confrontation between the Veneto Region, the Province of Vicenza and the municipalities of Piovene Rocchette, Cogollo del Cengio, Arsiero, Valdastico and Pedemonte, concerning the location of the route variants, which took place with respect to the preliminary project of the first lot of the continuation north of the A31 Valdastico motorway.

The final project of the Veneto section of the A31 from Piovene Rocchette to the Valle dell'Astico, prepared by A4 Holding again in June 2017, provides for the extension to the north of the Valdastico (already existing for 90 km between the Province of Rovigo and Piovene Rocchette) for a total 17.84 km, connecting to the ordinary road system via two junctions: that of Cogollo del Cengio and that of Valle dell'Astico/Pedemonte.

An infrastructure project that includes economic interventions, a single load of the motorway concessionaire, equal to 1.3 billion euros.

Recent requests from the Veneto Region and the superintendence have led to define some changes to the final project presented in 2017, in particular by cutting out the construction of the toll booth previously envisaged in the municipality of Cogollo del Cengio, thus increasing the development of the track in the tunnel, and providing for interventions to upgrade Provincial Road 350 both north and south of the eliminated tollbooth.

Reached all the positive opinions of the ministries and institutions responsible, the final approval of the 1st functional lot of the A31 to the north is therefore nearer its conclusion, lacking only the consent of the Veneto Region, as a result of today's meeting, the purpose of agreement between the State and the Region on the location of the route variants, preparatory to the sending to the Cipe for the final consent.

A4 Holding expresses all its satisfaction for the now near conclusion of an extremely complex three-year process, pursued with all the energies, resources and investments possible in order to better plan a work considered strategic for the road, the infrastructure and the economic development. Veneto and the North East, hoping that all the technical and administrative conditions can also be determined as soon as possible also for the subsequent design and construction of the 2nd lot, which will complete the infrastructure interconnection corridor with Valsugana and the Adige Valley in Trentino.