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It helps to travel with our pets
16 July 2020

From a recent research conducted in England, it seems that the presence of a dog in the car improves driving. Data are very clear: if our dear "Fido" is on board, 70% of drivers say they are more attentive to the wheel, especially the youngest. Traveling with a dog on board has positive effects on the driver's mood: it tends to decrease stress and increase calm. Of course, dogs must travel in complete safety, respecting the rules of the highway code.

Research that is better to keep in mind, considering that we have reached the summer period, the time of the year that over the years has become synonymous with abandoning pets on the roads (especially in conjunction with holiday departures), a practice that is not present any more, at least on our routes A4 Brescia-Padova and A31 Valdastico.

Thanks to constant checks by our staff and continuous monitoring through the cameras installed along the route and in the service areas, in recent years the total of abandonments on our routes seems to have stopped: this marks the common sense, the sensitivity and awareness that people have developed over time, also and above all thanks to the numerous communication and awareness campaigns that have followed over the years.

Also contributing to this the fact that, compared to the past, abandoning an animal today is a crime: the infringement leads to arrest for up to a year or a fine that can range from a thousand to ten thousand euros.

However, if you should find an abandoned animal in the street, the first thing to do is to immediately notify the competent authorities by calling 112, to which you must provide all the information you have, starting from the type of animal abandoned, the highway (or road) in which you are traveling and if possible the direction; once identified, it is also advisable not to get too close to the animal in order not to frighten it. Alternatively, you can report its presence to the State Police (with the number 113) or to the Fire Brigade (115): the competent authorities will then know how to better behave to bring the animali to safety.