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Working with the A4 Holding Group means becoming a partner of a consolidated and customer-oriented reality that works every day to offer services, solutions and skills capable of guaranteeing an offer that is always innovative and excellent.

With this objective, we have activated a new "Supplier Portal", an information exchange tool aimed at collaboration and transparency. Collaborating with us means sharing a challenge aimed at quality, traveler satisfaction and at the development of a corporate culture based on sustainability and continuous improvement.



A4 Holding Group has always promoted the adoption of sustainable policies and social responsibility in daily operations and in the relations with all the stakeholders we deal with. Sustainability in all its areas, environmental, social and governance, is an essential pillar for the development of a valuable and healthy business.

Therefore, there is no longer the only need of a collaboration governed by technical and economic values, but based on qualifying aspects in the field of social responsibility such as a culture oriented to legality, respect for human rights, health and safety of workers and the environment (ESG criteria). All the elements that make a reality reliable and aware of the risks it is subjected to.

It is important that our suppliers increasingly share our principles in terms of sustainability: in addition to being able to technically and economically satisfy our needs, they must be equipped with the best organizational structures and adopt the best quality, health, safety and environmental protection standards.

Purchasing Policy

Relations with suppliers and generally with all stakeholders that the Society starts are fundamental pillars of the company's work. They are governed by the principles of honesty, transparency and integrity, all minestones collected within the Group's Ethical Code and the Organisation Model 231/2001 of each of the subsidiaries, which represent the core of the fundamental values ​​that build the corporate culture and translate into management policies and good behavioral practices that guide our daily actions.


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Supplier management

A4 Holding Group has implemented an integrated purchasing management model common to all Group companies. Relationships are regulated through the SAP Ariba platform, adopted with the aim of simplifying the management of flows as well as regulating and optimizing purchasing processes.

In order to be included in the list of suppliers of works, goods and services, you must first submit your application by filling in the information requested on the SAP Ariba platform, by clicking here.

Subsequently, in order to collaborate with the companies of the Group, it is required to follow a qualification process to identify the suppliers who fully satisfy the indispensable requirements to be able to collaborate with A4 Holding Group, in line with our values ​​and our strategic vision.

This qualification process takes place through the GoSupply platform identified in order to evaluate, and then monitor over time, the performance of each supplier.

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In order to meet specific requirements the Procurement and Tenders system of Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova is integrated within the specific company website and can be reached at the link below.


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