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A4 Holding supporting ULSS 9 Scaligera
18 December 2020

The Christmas holidays of a year that will surely be remembered by us all as one of the most complex and demanding are getting close.

In this festive period we are used to ritual phrases that come to our help in wishing the best to everyone, but for this year it is very difficult to find the most adequate words necessary to show the right closeness and understanding to the needs and desires of everyone.

Since it is therefore impossible to formulate suitable wishes for everyone, we prefer to avoid too many words and instead use some concrete gestures and effective contributions to demonstrate the closeness and participation of the A4 Holding Group to the needs and priorities of the land we work in.

We already started this year during the lockdown, making the hotel Santa Giulia available to the medical and nursing staff of the ASST Spedali Civili di Brescia free of charge; we continued adhering, together with the entire Italian motorway sector, to the toll exemption campaign for health personnel and to provide refreshments within the Autoparco Brescia Est to the category of truck drivers, more than ever indispensable for the supply of essential goods during the health emergency.

We then chose to support culture in a year without an audience, so as not to extinguish and indeed defend centenary traditions such as the Arena’s “Festival d’Estate 2020”.

Now, for this Christmas 2020, we have decided to contribute to the generous and decisive commitment in the fight against Covid-19 supported daily by the ULSS 9 Scaligera, in order to be able to continue this fight together and contribute to a quick and strong desired return to normality.

We hope that these concrete gestures, together with all those of the people that, like us, have decided to contribute to counter the pandemic, are of real support to the people who live and animate this territory.

I want to wish everyone a 2021 full of health, satisfaction and success in my name and in the name of the whole A4 Holding Group.


Gonzalo Alcalde

Chairman A4 Holding