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Infoviaggiando is born: the app of the Northeast motorway dealerships
18 May 2018

Highway information runs fast from Trieste to Brescia. In fact, InfoViaggiando has officially been in operation for a few days, the app that provides users of the motorway with all the useful information on the viability and traffic of the networks managed by the three Northeast Concessionaires: Autovie Venete, Cav-Concessioni Autostradali Venete and Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova. Over 500 kilometers of motorway network (625 with the ring roads) within reach of smartphones and tablets to inquire before leaving or during the trip.

The new app - free of charge - replaces AutovieTraffic, but also the site, leaving room for while the Twitter account @AutovieTraffic becomes @InfoViaggiando: just one name for three Concessionaire, with the aim of making access to information easier for those traveling on the Northeast motorways.

Available for free on all stores and therefore for all operating systems, iOS (Apple), Android and Windows, InfoViaggiando contains all the information on traffic, accidents, works and closings regarding the viability of the entire A4 from Brescia to Trieste and other motorway sections: A31 Valdastico (Rovigo-Piovene Rocchette), A57 Mestre ring road, link to Marco Polo airport in Tessera, A34 Villesse Gorizia, A23 Palmanova Udine Sud, A28 Portogruaro Conegliano. In addition, the app allows you to consult webcams, warnings to travelers, traffic forecasts, transit bans for heavy vehicles, the routes where the tutors are operating and also offers the possibility to calculate the toll and check the operation of the service areas.

Those who already have the original version of the app, will simply have to update it as soon as they receive notification of the availability of the new upgrade, while those who have never downloaded it will be able to do it (for free) from all the stores. The Twitter account and the website dedicated to traffic are also available under the name @InfoViaggiando.

On the website and app you can also listen to the updated newsletter on traffic and traffic conditions on the motorway sections managed by the three Concessionaires. The same newsletter is also aired on a network of local radio broadcasters.