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We join the European Mobility Week
18 September 2018

Our Group, through its different branches located throughout the world and the Abertis Foundation, joins the celebration of the European Mobility Week by organizing various actions to raise awareness and promote road safety, with the aim of strengthening our commitment in favor of a sustainable, safe and innovative mobility.

L’Isola Sicura in Verona

In line with the Group's initiatives, this weekend we launched the “Isola Sicura”, an educational project dedicated to road safety for school-aged children, participating in the so called “Tocatì”, the International Festival of Traditional Games. Safe Island replicates the road with signs, lanes, pedestrian crossings and roundabouts, where the little ones can move with scooters accompanied by tutors who teach them the basic rules of road safety in the form of a game: because it is important to wear a seat belt , what are the consequences of using a mobile phone while driving and not respecting speed limits, etc. At the end of the route, every little driver who has shown that he has learned these principles will receive the "responsible driver" license. Our idea then continues with the desire to take the safe island on tour along the service areas of our highways to be close to the territory and continuously support our commitment to promoting safety.

Video testimony at the disco in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia

This same weekend, the Abertis Foundation implemented El Apagón, an impact action to prevent the consumption of alcohol, drugs and other bad driving practices at night. Several clubs in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia turned off the music in the middle of the night to project a video testimony in which a young man recounts his drunk driving experience and the tragic consequences of the accident from prison (his friend died and he was seriously injured). The action is accompanied by a video and a campaign on social networks, with the hashtag #SumaTuLuz, and has the support of the Ministry of the Interior, the General Management of Tráfico, the Department of the Interior of the Generalitat and the Servei Català of Trànsit.

Prevention reports in Spain

In Spain, Autopistas will transmit messages to support the ideas of the European Mobility Week and the European Victimless Day on the motorway through the variable message panels installed along the motorway network (21 September). The company has also joined the Edward project, an initiative promoted by TISPOL (European traffic police network) to achieve safer roads in Europe. In addition, in the next few days, Autopistas will present the results of the second Observatory on user behavior in the motorway network and launch a road safety campaign based on the results of the study.

The #RightsOfWay project in New York

Next week, in the context of the celebration of the United Nations General Assembly, Abertis and Unicef ​​will present in New York the latest news of the global alliance that both entities maintain to combat the main cause of death in children of school age: road accidents. On Monday 24, Abertis will participate in the launch of the Young People's Agenda, a United Nations initiative to improve the lives of adolescents, while on Tuesday 25 a presentation will be held at the Cervantes Institute in New York with the support of senior representatives of Unicef , the Embassy of Spain and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others. The #RightsOfWay project, developed by Abertis in the framework of the partnership with Unicef, incorporates a new level of collaboration with the Institut Guttmann, specialized in medical-surgical treatment and the integral rehabilitation of people with bone marrow injury, brain injury or a other neurological disability. Within this program, a team of Institut Guttmann medical specialists will travel to Jamaica and the Philippines to conduct training sessions and advice to local doctors on best practices applied to the prevention and treatment of injuries resulting from road accidents.

University awards

Tomorrow 19 September, Abertis will announce the winner of the 15th Abertis Prize for research in the management of transport infrastructure and road safety, which is delivered by the Abertis Chair in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid. In addition, on September 4, the Abertis Prize in Chile, awarded by the Abertis Chair - Pontificia Universidad Catolica, went to the project "Strategies for appropriation and capital of family mobility in fragmented neighborhoods. The case of the South Access Highway of Santiago de Chile". The goal of the Abertis Chair network is to promote training, research and the exchange of knowledge between the university and the company. Currently, the network includes five of the best universities in Spain, France, Brazil, Chile and Puerto Rico. Each Chair assigns its national Abertis Prize every year and, among the winners, the International Abertis Prize.

The month of security in America

Although Mobility Week is a European project, September is the month of security for Arteris, the Abertis branch in Brazil. The company celebrates the Arteris Forum every September which has reached its fifth edition this year. The last meeting, which took place on 11 September in São Paulo, concerned smart motorways and their role in sustainable mobility. More than 20 international experts attended the meeting, including representatives from the public and private sector, as well as personalities such as Lucas di Grassi, Formula E driver and former Formula 1 driver, who offered an innovative vision of electric cars. The event also included the participation of child traffic ambassadors participating in the 3rd Youth Forum, an initiative promoted by Arteris to prepare young people to promote change in the mobility of the future. This action joins similar forums already organized this year by Abertis in Spain, France, Argentina and Chile, and a neighbor to be held in Puerto Rico. The company's goal is to continue to seek solutions and allies and deepen the debate to promote safety in the countries in which it operates.