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First weekend of intense winter traffic both in A4 and in A31
05 December 2018

A4 Holding has activated the Winter Emergency Management Plan to meet security needs, determined by both the harsh climate and the transit volumes, in the period between November and March on the 235 km of the A4 Brescia Padova and the A31 Valdastico and on ring roads and external connections within their jurisdiction.

The traffic data history of the last five years for the month of December in fact allows A4 Holding to hypothesize, already starting tomorrow for those coming from Milan for the Sant'Ambrogio holiday and for the entire weekend of 8th December, high levels of transit concentration near urban areas (mainly for local holidays and Christmas markets), as well as at the interconnection towards Brennero, and confirms the trend of traffic peaks in the Christmas period between 23 and on December 31st towards Veneto and Trentino (mainly through the Piovene Rocchette toll booth).

The Plan provides for an organic intervention program prepared with a very high technical professionalism aimed at anticipating, if not resolving, the possible inconveniences due to temperatures, ice and snowfall and thus ensuring the regular fluidity and safety of road traffic on the entire section of competence, with particular attention to the northern part of the A31 Valdastico, precisely in the period of greatest access to the toll booths in the direction of the ski resorts.

In detail, a fleet of 289 units will be activated between winter vehicles and equipment located in 8 main Winter Service Centers and 7 secondary Winter Service Centers, located at different points within the motorway network and which employ on average 390 collaborators among drivers, operators and staff dedicated to the service and parking areas.

All supported by the COV (Centro Operativo di Viabilità), the center of the management of motorway traffic in the area of ​​competence and located in the Verona headquarters of A4 Holding, and by 80 auxiliary road workers.

The Plan prepares all preventive interventions, in order to avoid the formation of ice and strong accumulations of snow on the ground, with particular attention to the areas most exposed to the risk of snowfall, which historically are those between Brescia Ovest and Sirmione, between Montecchio and Vicenza Est and on the entire A31 Valdastico.

This Plan is part of the multiple road safety activities planned by A4 Holding, also in consideration of the traffic data collected by Brescia-Verona-Vicenza-Padova Spa on the entire section of competence between January and October 2018, which allowed to ascertain the transit of 95.4 million actual vehicles* (given this which measures the number of all vehicles entered, exited or transited on the motorway, regardless of the quantity of kilometers traveled), recording a growth rate of 1, 94% over the same period last year. An increase due in particular to the transit of heavy vehicles, which from January to October 2018 amounted to over 21.6 million in total on both routes, recording more than 3.73% compared to 2017 data.

To anticipate all the needs of users, A4 Holding has always been equipped with various weather stations, located along the A4 and A31 on average every 10 km, as well as with weather reports based on forecast and warning data. data collected such as rainfall intensity in mm and visibility status expressed in meters.


For the disclosure of all information useful to travelers during this period, A4 Holding will primarily use the CCISS channel, in addition to regional and local radio broadcasters and its Infoviaggiando app.


(* The total of actual vehicles is not given by the sum of the volumes of the two sections, A4 Brescia Padua and A31, but by the actual count of the vehicles passing from one section to the other).