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Construction sites for flooring in A4 and A31 restart
20 September 2018

The construction sites planned by the concessionaire Autostrada Brescia-Padova of the A4 Holding Group will resume tomorrow, September 21st, after the obligatory summer stop which, as per established practice, concerns the interventions for the weeks between the 1st July and the first half of September. During this time, for safety reasons and to avoid slowdowns, the Bs-Pd motorway suspends the programming of its ordinary maintenance sites, including those related to the refurbishment of the road pavement, carried out in the meantime exclusively on external connections, on the ring roads in management and, starting from 3rd September, on the less traffic-intensive motorway sections.

A set of interventions that for the current year concerns almost 39 km of the section covered (out of a total of 235 km), of which 21.3 km in A4 Brescia - Padua and 17.3 km in A31 Valdastico. An investment that for 2018 amounts to about 16 million euros and is destined for the maintenance and refurbishment of the sound-absorbing draining flooring, which is equipped with the entire section under management.

This type of asphalting has been designed and managed to guarantee ever higher safety standards, especially in the presence of adverse weather conditions such as winter ones.

We start again from the A4 from tomorrow Friday 21 September at about 8 pm when the first construction site will start in the province of Padua, in the stretch between the toll booths of Padova Est and Grisignano and specifically from km 358 + 000 to 355 + 500 on the west carriageway in the direction Milan, with works ending on Sunday 23 September approximately before 12 noon.

Also tomorrow at 8 pm work is also scheduled to start in the province of Vicenza (from km 321 + 500 to 323 + 900 on the east carriageway) between the Montecchio and Vicenza Ovest toll booths, also here with construction sites expected to close on Sunday September 23 for 12 noon.

In each site - with an average length of 2.5 km, operating continuously until completion of works and deliberately planned on weekends to avoid greater inconvenience to travellers - 7 companies are involved on average, for a total of about 50 operators.

The works will then continue, except for adverse weather conditions, on Friday 28 September in the province of Verona, when the works between the toll booths of Sommacampagna and Verona East are always scheduled to start in the evening (from km 279 + 800 to 283 + 500 east carriageway) towards Venice, with construction site deadline expected by Sunday 30 September at approximately 12.00.

Same days, times and modalities also for the interventions planned from km 358 + 000 to 355 + 500 on the west carriageway (direction Milan) between the toll booths of Padova Est and Grisignano in the province of Padua and those expected in the Vicenza area between km 321+ 500 to 323 + 900 in east carriageway (towards Venice), in the stretch between Montecchio and Vicenza Ovest.