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A4 Holding Road Safety Forum: ideas and experiences of the main protagonists of road safety
14 June 2019

On June 27th 2019 there will be in Verona the “Road Safety Forum”: during this appointment A4 Holding will show the first Observatory “Stili di guida”. There will be a meeting between the protagonists of mobility and road safety to share ideas and experiences and to reflect on possible developments in terms of innovation and new technologies to support safety and the traveler.

A4 Holding, a company of Abertis Group, which has always been sensitive to road safety from multiple points of view, has created the first Observatory "Stili di Guida” to analyze risky behaviors on the highway and monitor the evolution of results over time. The purpose of the project is to create initiatives and campaigns starting from reliable and shared data, based on objective indicators in order to improve safety on the road and to offer useful information to people who start driving.

Road Safety Forum speaks to professionals in the sector and involves several speakers to investigate today's driving habits and possible medium and long-term solutions to overcome the most risky behaviors with different perspectives.

Travelers safety is in fact the first objective for operators in the sector, both mobility operators, infrastructure managers, vehicle and vehicle manufacturers or representatives of organizations and institutions. Speaking around the same table means creating a significant moment of confrontation.

The Forum’s purpose is to involve the protagonists of the sector in order to share ideas, experiences and innovative and relevant projects. It is an opportunity to examine the current scenario and to define tomorrow's situation on road safety, through the experiences of the people who daily deal with it.

With the participation of the following speakers:

  • Federico Sboarina, Sindaco di Verona
  • Carlos Del Rio Carcano, Presidente A4 Holding
  • Sergi Loughney, Direttore Fondazione Abertis
  • Bruno Chiari, Direttore Generale Autostrada A4 Holding
  • Alessandro Smania, Direttore Marketing MAN Truck
  • Andrea Marinoni, Senior Partner Roland Berger
  • Cinzia Ricciardi, Comandante Polizia Stradale Veneto
  • Andrea Manfron, Segretario Generale FAI
  • Emanuela Stocchi, Responsabile Affari Internazionali AISCAT
  • Elisa De Berti, Assessore Lavori Pubblici, Infrastrutture e Trasporti Regione Veneto
  • Modera: Mario Puliéro, Direttore TeleArena