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Waze Connected Citizens successfully started
31 May 2018

Abertis has signed a worldwide agreement to join the Connected Citizens program through Waze, the pioneer of social navigation, through its innovative app for traffic and community-based navigation offers free and real-time traffic information, powered by the largest network of drivers around the world. Abertis thus became the first leader in the management of toll roads to join the program, which currently includes the use of the platform in seven countries: Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Puerto Rico.

For Italy, the Highway Operations Center and A4 Mobility, the technology company of the A4 Holding Group, are involved in the first phase of testing. Since April of this year, the Verona traffic control center is able to receive data from the portal and from the Wazers. Real-time traffic information coming from travelers through the use of the App, help to refine the data already detected by sensors and existing systems along the sections covered by A4 Holding (235 km between A4 Brescia Padova and A31 Valdastico) creating a greater and more detailed detection of various situations on the road.

From the end of May the data of the Traffic Operational Center will feed those of the Waze application to allow the traveler to have constant information, aimed at reducing congestion due to traffic, as well as offering more advice to make the best and most timely decisions thus increasing the level of road safety.

The objective of the experimentation is to provide the Centro Operativo Viabilità with a flexible and punctual tool in order to analyze traffic data to increase safety levels and use the App as an additional communication channel with its customers: A4 Holding will in fact receive anonymous information in real time directly from the source, i.e. from the drivers, and in return the app users will be able to view the latest updates from the Centro Operativo regarding planned road works and toll booth closures, accidents and other important traffic-related events that could influence the movements on the highway.

The partnership with Waze provides a new channel for the dissemination of updated information to customers on the toll roads of the Abertis Group, allowing them to drive more safely and efficiently. The agreement is part of the Group's Global Road Safety program, which has as main purpose to reduce the number of road accident victims.