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A4 Holding ready for summer 2023
20 July 2023

The action plan until 4 September has been drawn up to better protect those travelling on the A4 and A31.

Construction sites on the A4 between Brescia and Padua and on the A31 Valdastico have been suspended until 11 September, except for urgent or unpostponable works, to avoid further delays and inconveniences.


Once again this year, during the period of high traffic flow linked to the summer exodus weeks, A4 Holding has prepared its own plan of interventions to best guarantee the functionality of the infrastructures under management, the fluidity of traffic and above all safety for all travellers.

The motorway concessionaire's organisational machinery has thus drawn up and planned an increase in services on the network under its jurisdiction, anticipating greater traffic flows, especially on weekends at the end of July and August, as well as on the first weekend in September.

The 235 km of the A4 Brescia-Padova and the A31 Valdastico, the motorway sections managed by A4 Holding, recorded a further increase in average daily traffic in the first half of 2023 (compared to the values for the same period in 2022), which rose by 4.7% overall, mainly due to the increase in the number of light vehicles in transit (+ 6.3%) compared to a drop recorded in heavy vehicles (-1.6%).

The forecasts drawn up by A4 Holding, starting from the weekend of 21 July to 4 September, show a particularly intense vehicular flow (red dot) on Saturday and Sunday at the Peschiera del Garda, Sirmione and Desenzano toll booths towards the Lower Garda resorts, but also along the A4 towards Venice. The most critical points (black dot) will occur on the mornings of the coming weekends until 28 August, in particular from Sommacampagna to the junction with the A22 Brenner motorway in the direction of Venice.

To avoid creating further delays and inconveniences for travellers, the company has suspended all worksites on the A4 between Brescia and Padua and on the A31 Valdastico until 11 September, with the exception of any urgent or unpostponable works and activities to be carried out on the external slip roads and bypasses under management.

The safety and comfort of those travelling this summer on the motorways managed by A4 Holding are further guaranteed by the work planned, and in part already carried out, for 2023 for the upgrading and improvement of some sections of motorway pavement on the A4 and A31 for a total of 42.3 km, for which the company has allocated a sum of more than 24 million euro this year.

On the A4 Holding's sections, a total of 257 toll gates are in operation (177 served by electronic toll collection also to facilitate foreign customers). In order to contain waiting times at stations, depending on tourist flows towards Lake Garda (A4) and the high plateaus (A31), on all weekends until September, manual toll collection services will be stepped up with the addition of staff at toll stations affected by tourist traffic and in particular at Sommacampagna, Peschiera, Sirmione, Desenzano and Piovene Rocchette.

A4 Holding and its subsidiary Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova Spa have also increased the number of Traffic Auxiliaries (the personnel involved in rescue and assistance operations on the stretch), which will be staffed by 70 people over the next few weeks in the various day and night shifts at the head of a fleet of 20 vans and 14 vehicles and mobile trolleys equipped with variable message panels for signalling traffic jams.

On average, every 10 km for light vehicles and every 30 km for heavy vehicles, and in any case close to motorway toll stations, there are workshops with an agreement for light mechanical assistance ready to guarantee the rapid intervention of tow trucks.

On the relevant routes, 14 service areas and 6 rest areas are always active. There are 6 recharging stations for electric cars (Monte Baldo Ovest, Monte Baldo Est, Scaligera Ovest, Tesina Est, Limenella Ovest, Truck Park Brescia Est), for a total of 13 recharging points, and a brand new CNG station for light vehicles and LNG for heavy vehicles (Limenella Est).

The entire activity will be coordinated by the Traffic Operations Centre (VOC) located in the Verona headquarters of A4 Holding.  The operational management and monitoring of events along the arterial roads is possible thanks to C-ITS systems and technologies already enabled for smart road projects and indispensable for guaranteeing punctual information to travellers and traffic fluidity.