We design, build and manage mobility, technological and service infrastructure

How we work

A4 Group has integrated skills and expertise in designing, building and managing large-scale infrastructure.

Thanks to the new organisational structure, with A4 Holding at the helm of the Group’s governance structure, the Group's ability to promote new infrastructure and mobility initiatives has been given form and substance.

Today, the company's innovative industrial model reflects the Group’s extensive experience and top performance, also at international level.

What we do

Motorway concessionaire

We manage one of the busiest stretches of motorway in Italy and in Europe.

Through Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova S.p.A., we are responsible for the concession activities and maintenance of the A4 motorway between Brescia - Padua and the A31 Valdastico motorway, for a total of 235.6 km. The concession agreement also includes the construction and running of ring roads and minor interchanges in the area of reference, for a total of approximately 90 km. As part of our company mission, we address the need to support mobility and economic development in the local area, building and managing safe roads at the same time as safeguarding the environment. We combine this with our objective of offering customers a satisfactory service and guaranteeing top performance in terms of safety, mobility management and customer support.

Services for travellers

We manage service and rest areas, parking areas for heavy goods vehicles and hospitality services, offering safety and the utmost comfort to travellers.

Thanks to A4 Trading, we provide consulting, organise, manage and directly inspect operations in the field of “customer services”, in the context of motorway concessionaires. We interpret market expectations and transform them into customised project solutions that embody and bring together the interests and requirements of the various players involved.

We also manage Europe’s largest parking facility, Truck park Brescia Est which welcomes over 150,000 heavy goods vehicles from all over Europe each year.

Technology supporting mobility

Drawing on our experience developed alongside operators par excellence, and thanks to our assets and in-house skills and expertise, we are able to offer innovative technology along with the ability to integrate and outsource, guaranteeing comprehensive solutions and support to provide Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), applied to mobility.
Thanks to A4 Mobility's expertise in the field, we can offer the most suitable traffic control, payment and safety solutions to meet the specific requirements of the mobility industry: the perfect combination of know-how, engineering tools and transport systems, implementing procedures, systems and devices to allow information and data to be collected, transmitted, analysed and shared between people, vehicles and goods being transported, as well as between them and the infrastructure or transport services and ICT applications.

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