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22 February 2021
Covid 19 Test in Autoparco Brescia Est for truckers
The initiative of the A4 Holding Group is active from Monday 22nd February at Autoparco Brescia Est
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17 February 2021
A4 Holding presents the 2020 results of the “Osservator...
The pandemic changes the type of vehicles and the behaviors observed: on the motorway more heavy vehicles than light ones
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18 December 2020
A4 Holding supporting ULSS 9 Scaligera
For Christmas A4 Holding chooses to contribute to the activities of ULSS 9 Scaligera for the fight against Covid-19
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07 December 2020
A4 Holding and MAN Truck & Bus Italia together again to...
A4 Holding Group and MAN Truck & Bus Italia together again to offer a break to truck drivers in Autoparco Brescia Est
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02 December 2020
A4 Holding takes part in the Innovation Garage Project
A new program that aims to improve road infrastructure management using advanced technologies
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18 July 2020
Dear Verona, dear Veneto,
Let's support together the Fondazione Arena and the Festival d'estate 2020, “Nel cuore della Musica”
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16 July 2020
It helps to travel with our pets
The era of abandoning animals on the highway is over, at least on our routs A4 Brescia-Padova and A31 Valdastico
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02 July 2020
5 rules to be safe in the motorway
A4 Holding starts a new campaign for travelers in order to raise awareness on how to behave in case of an incident
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14 May 2020
The last variations of the new Valdastico Nord have bee...
After three years, the approval process for the final project for the first lot of the A31 Nord in the Veneto region is nearer to its conclusion
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15 April 2020
A4 Holding provides the 12 rooms of the Hotel “Santa Gi...
For the needs of ASST Spedali Civili di Brescia medical staff
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06 April 2020
To thank you, we want to offer you a break
We want to thank truck drivers who travel these weeks by offering a shower and a coffee for free at Autoparco Brescia Est
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29 November 2019
Gonzalo Alcalde Rodríguez nominated as new Chairman
Gonzalo Alcade Rodriguez takes over the presidency of Carlos del Río Carcaño
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18 November 2019
A4 Holding returns to secondary schools
Auxialiries of A4 Brescia Padova and A31 Valdastico meet students of secondary schools to talk about road safety
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03 October 2019
A4 Holding wins 'price Aretê' for the campaign that mak...
#theblackout, the new social campaign of A4 Holding, was rewarded from Il Sole 24 Ore as best communication business 2019
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18 July 2019
Definitive revocation of the prohibition of overtaking ...
The experimentation led to very positive results with a 30% decrease in accidents and 82.9% of the vehicles involved
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27 June 2019
The I° Osservatorio Stili di Guida of A4 Holding
The results of the research that studied incorrect drivers behaviours
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14 June 2019
A4 Holding Road Safety Forum: ideas and experiences of ...
A4 Holding presents the first Observatory "Stili di guida” to analyze risky behaviours while driving
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13 June 2019
theblackout: the new social campaign of A4 Holding on t...
Young people are the main protagonists of this new campaign of A4 Holding on the risks of driving under the effects of alcohol and drugs
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08 May 2019
A4 Holding for the “5th Fifth United Nations Global Roa...
Together to support and promote Road safety
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03 April 2019
The second edition of Aedifica with the A4H BIM starts
Vision, strategy and case studies of BIM experience in the design of the Group's new works
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05 December 2018
First weekend of intense winter traffic both in A4 and ...
A4 Holding activates the plan to manage the winter emergency
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30 November 2018
A4 Holding with young people for road safety
Lots of debate and theater meetings to promote road safety among young students
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16 November 2018
A4 Holding celebrates the world day of remembrance of t...
An anniversary to remember, comfort and support
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20 September 2018
Construction sites for flooring in A4 and A31 restart
After the suspension for the summer exodus period, the works for the refurbishment of 39 km of road surface will start again tomorrow. An annual ...
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18 September 2018
We join the European Mobility Week
Our group is active to promote road safety during the European Mobility Week 2018
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31 August 2018
A4 Holding presents "Isola Sicura": a road safety proje...
In occasion of Tocatì, we prepared in the Playsmart area in Piazza Bra a space projected to teach little ones the rules about road safety
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27 August 2018
A preview of the implementation of the most significant...
The Final Project of the A31 Nord Lot 1 transferred to the digital dimensions of the B.I.M. modeling
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27 July 2018
The study for the new viability of Verona Sud starts
A4 Holding and the Municipality of Verona are determined to find a sustainable and long-term solution for accessing the historic center and the f...
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12 June 2018
A safe summer in A4 and in A31
Especially on the weekends of July and August there has always been high peaks of outgoing traffic at the toll booths affected by the direct tour...
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31 May 2018
Waze Connected Citizens successfully started
Since April of this year, the Verona traffic control center is able to receive data from the portal and from the Wazers
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24 May 2018
A4 Holding together with Fondazione Arena for the 2018 ...
Solid partnership with Arena Foundation and support for the 2018 edition of the Opera Festival which will take place from 22nd June to 1st Septem...
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18 May 2018
Infoviaggiando is born: the app of the Northeast motorw...
A concrete and ever closer collaboration between motorway concessionaires to improve information for users. Autovie Venete, CAV and Brescia Padov...
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23 April 2018
Abertis in Venice to support the network of the Mediter...
Abertis, thanks to its Foundation, promotes collaboration between UNESCO European networks.
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19 April 2018
290.000 vehicles per day in A4 and A31
From November 2017 to March 2018, there was a 2.5% increase in transit compared to the 2016/2017 winter season - the number of heavy vehicles is ...
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16 February 2018
A4 Holding partners with Confindustria Verona to welcom...
A4 Holding decided to partner with Confindustria Verona to organise the reception at the General Conference of this association of industrialists
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25 January 2018
Abertis and UNICEF sign an agreement for children’s roa...
Recently signed in London, the cooperation agreement between Abertis, together with its Italian subsidiary, and UNICEF has been presented in Rome
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17 January 2018
Since 2018, there has been an average increase of Euro ...
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30 October 2017
A4 Holding today celebrated its 65th anniversary at its headquarters in Verona - 65 years of managing and developing infrastructure
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14 September 2017
Culture and technology supporting motorway safety
Saturday 16th September a debate organised by A4 Holding at the Brescia Parking Facility to promote road safety
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01 September 2017
Fourth edition of the European Truck Festival to be hel...
This year’s most important gathering of trucks. Games, music, performances, vehicles, meetings and the exclusive chance to take part in the crazy
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14 April 2017
From Caravaggio to Bernini
Thursday 13th April the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in the presence of Ana Pastor Julián, President of the Spanish Cha...
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01 December 2016
New traffic management technology presented in Verona
A4 Mobility and Kapsch TrafficCom promote a conference to explain the characteristics and advantages of “free-flowing” traffic
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05 October 2016
A4 Mobility and Kapsch TrafficCom provide cutting-edge ...
The two companies will be providing the authorisation management and physical control system for the access roads to the port
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03 August 2016
A4 Holding publishes its 2015 Sustainability Report
Sustainability and the Local Area as drivers of Group growth
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10 March 2023
A22, Brebemi e Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova...
Le tre concessionarie pronte a stringere sinergie per la mobilità del Nord-Est
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15 March 2022
A4 Holding con CAV a LET-EXPO: in mostra la Smart Mobil...
La concessionaria del Gruppo A4 Holding, Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova sarà con Concessioni Autostradali Venete a LET-Expo Logistics E...
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29 June 2021
A4 Holding di nuovo al fianco di Fondazione Arena per i...
L’iniziativa a favore del simbolo dell’arte e della cultura della città scaligera
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04 October 2019
A4 Holding nominato il nuovo Direttore Generale
Gonzalo Alcalde-Rodríguez assume le deleghe operative della holding veronese
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07 November 2022
A4 Holding presenta i risultati 2022 dell’Osservatorio ...
Migliora il dato sull’utilizzo della cintura di sicurezza anche per i passeggeri e si riducono gli eccessi di velocità. Conducenti meno disciplin...
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12 September 2022
Al Tocatì 2022 “Sulla giusta strada”: A4 Holding prese...
Si rinnova l’impegno della holding autostradale in occasione della ventesima edizione di Tocatì a Verona. Allestito nell’area Playsmart in Piazza...
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