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Start of work on new Road Operations Centre for the A4 Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova and A31 Valdastico motorway sections to be built by Sinelec
05 October 2022

The new Traffic Operations Centre for the A4 Brescia-Padova and A31 Valdastico motorway sections managed by A4 Holding, an Abertis Group company that holds the concession in Italy for 235 km of motorway network in the North East, will be built by Sinelec.  The works include the implementation of the SINCRO platforms, an advanced traffic management system, and EMERAS, a platform for connected mobility, as well as the supply of roadside V2X devices and the renovation of the Radio Room Video Wall.

SINCRO will enable advanced management of events, scenarios, processes and interventions, allowing the operations manager and operators to have an overview of the information collected by the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) devices present along the route. SINCRO, a software solution that is an expression of Sinelec's expertise in understanding the specific needs of the road operation manager, provides, thanks to standardiZed and customizable response procedures, immediate support in the decision-making process that optimises response and intervention times, as well as a customized reporting system for analysing case histories.

EMERAS, instead, is SINELEC's C-ITS platform, which was created to respond to the technological and managerial challenges faced by operators in the transition to connected and cooperative mobility, enabling two-way dialogue  real-time vehicle-infrastructure and guaranteeing integration with on-road ITS systems and traffic control centres. EMERAS collects and aggregates information on the existing scenario and, taking into account risk factors, immediately activates the dedicated response plan, disseminating geolocalised messages addressed to enabled vehicles, 'just in time in the right place'.

A project in the name of innovation and cutting-edge technology, for a new concept of intelligent and interconnected mobility.