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At Tocatì 2022 'On the Right Road': A4 Holding presents an educational project to tell about about safety, territory and environment to school children
12 September 2022

A4 Holding, an Abertis Group company, renews its active participation in the 2022 edition of Tocatì, the International Festival of Street Games now in its twentieth edition and scheduled in Verona from 17 to 18 September, with the project "On the right road", designed to describe the key concepts of sustainable mobility related to road safety, territory and the environment within the reach of a child, and to share even with the largest.

Through this project A4 Holding intends to inform and raise awareness of everything that makes mobility a sustainable concept today, understood as safe mobility, shared mobility and mobility with less impact on the environment and territory. To do this, from Saturday 17 September inside the dedicated space of the Playsmart area in Piazza Bra, a route and a game will be set up with the guidance of three mascots, symbolising the actions to be taken to stay 'on the right road': the cautious fox who will teach the rules of safety and caution on the road, the wise owl who will explain to the children how to best use their curiosity to explore the surrounding territories and beauties, and the tender and caring panda, who will tell them about the importance of respecting the environment and the nature.

At the end of the course under the guidance and advice of the three mascots, the children who will participate will receive a certificate in the form of a 'fair pilot' licence and gadgets prepared for the occasion.

A proposal for the involvement of the youngest that finds full correlation with the guidelines adopted over the years by the Veronese company, which makes sustainable mobility a major point of investment in its daily work of coordinating and managing the 295 km of roads and motorways under concession. In fact, A4 Holding finances and concretely adopts concrete projects and initiatives to achieveits its goals of sustainable development, related to the transition of the mobility sector towards a low-carbon economy, the fight against climate change through energy efficiency and responsible use and consumption of resources and materials, and the strengthening of the processes of digitization and innovation for the development of new systems and forms of mobility. All this within a consolidated and by now historical contribution to the economic and social development of the territories and communities that crosses and unites and with which, as in the case of Verona, it has always fully collaborated.

"After road safety awareness projects such as Isola Sicura and #usalatesta” - says A4 Holding President Gonzalo Alcalde Rodríguez - "this year we are coming to Tocatì, an event that knows how to involve more and more partners and the public, with a new idea to tell the children, who are and remain the focus of our commitment to a more sustainable world. I like to emphasise how there is a shared sensitivity on these issues at A4 Holding, which has meant that our collaborators, from every area and function, have decided to make an active contribution, voluntarily committing themselves as guides and accompanying persons over the weekend of the event".