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Artificial intelligence at the service of motorway user safety
22 July 2021

The Torri di Quartesolo Viaduct is the first motorway infrastructure in Italy to be monitored by Dynamic Infrastructure's solution.

Dynamic Infrastructure, with offices in New York, Berlin, Tel Aviv and Saronno, has developed an AI-driven solution that analyses past and current inspection reports and images. Already used to provide predictive assessments to multiple infrastructure owners and operators in Europe, Australia and the United States, thanks to A4 Holding it is now also used in Italy along the sections managed by the Group's concessionaire, Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova.

The solution provides accurate information on the evolution of degradations, so that maintenance interventions can be planned and critical situations can be prevented. The AI technology is able to understand the history of each defect and anomaly, providing alerts on critical points and areas at risk. The rapid control solution allows the entire infrastructure inventory to be uploaded and analysed in just a few days.

"Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova, the concessionaire that within our Group is responsible for managing the A4 Brescia-Padova and A31 Valdastico motorway sections, safely manages more than 600 works of art including bridges, viaducts and tunnels," says Bruno Chiari, General Manager of the concessionaire. "Our constant search for increasingly advanced solutions to guarantee our customers the best service, safety and comfort during their journeys has led us to this experiment and to the collaboration with Dynamic Infrastructure".

"We are proud of the partnership we have signed with the A4 Holding Group, which sees us involved for the first time in Italy in a usage test of our solution on motorways." Saar Dickman CEO of Dynamic Infrastructure said. "Dynamic Infrastructure's advanced visual data analysis AI technology can be an effective tool for preventing critical structural situations. And we are therefore delighted with the great sensitivity shown by the A4 Holding Group's motorway concessionaire to the safety of users and its infrastructure," concluded Mr. Dickman.

Dynamic Infrastructure now provides safety for more than 1,500 works of art including bridges viaducts, tunnels, supporting the most correct maintenance decisions.