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Covid-19 effects: the A4 Holding Group facilitates hauliers
28 January 2022

The intensification of the pandemic is putting all economic categories in difficulty for many reasons, and so, in order to once again provide concrete support to hauliers, the A4 Holding Group has prepared an initiative dedicated to them.

In fact, to all those who will not be able to return to their residence and family due to the danger of infection, the Santa Giulia Hotel, located inside the Brescia Est car park at the Brescia Est motorway exit, will promote particularly advantageous conditions from 1 February to 31 March 2022.

The Santa Giulia Hotel is a three-star hotel equipped with all comforts and whose rooms have a bathroom with shower, air conditioning, telephone and TV, and where you can take advantage of the services provided by Autoparco Brescia Est, such as the restaurant, bar, vehicle wash, machine shop, laundry and everything else that is useful and of interest to haulage operators.

The offer is aimed at uninfected drivers in possession of a 'super green pass' who cannot return to their homes, as they are unable to properly isolate themselves from their Covid-19 positive cohabitants.

The special rate promoted through this initiative is 30 Euro per night, breakfast included, instead of 45 Euro as per the current price list.

To access the offer, it is therefore necessary:

· Being in possession of the "super green pass"

· Having the vehicle parked at the Brescia Est Car Park

· Book directly by contacting +39 030 204 0311 or email  

Once again, the A4 Holding Group confirms itself as a useful partner of the hauliers, as in previous initiatives taken at the Brescia Est car park, and always attentive to the needs and working complexities of the category.