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Executive project and timetable presented for the new Castelnuovo del Garda toll booth
25 February 2022

The meeting promoted by Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova Spa, a company of the A4 Holding Group, was held today morning in the presence of delegates of the municipalities territorially involved and representatives of the Province of Verona, the Garda Community and local trade associations, to present and discuss with local stakeholders the construction project for the new Castelnuovo del Garda bus station.

The project concerns the construction of a new toll booth along the western carriageway of the A4 motorway approximately 3.5 kilometres east of the existing Peschiera del Garda collection station, as well as the execution of interconnection works with the ordinary road network.

In detail, the project provides for the connection of the new toll station to the A4 motorway by means of a junction with an overpass crossing the motorway itself, and the connection to the ordinary road network has been arranged through a system consisting of a large-radius roundabout (varying from 70 to 90 m), located at the entrance to the bus station square, and a link road to the Cavalcaselle junction and then to the S.R. no. 450 and S.R. no. 11. Works are also planned to complete the doubling of the slip road, which from the toll station roundabout reaches the viaduct on the S.R. 11 at Cavalcaselle, which is also subject to doubling lane.

The new bus station forecourt will comprise 15 runways, including the two reserved for the transit of exceptional transports, and a forecourt with covered parking spaces is planned for the parking of motor vehicles, while two parking aprons for passenger cars and two others for heavy goods vehicles and coaches will be created for public parking, connected by an internal road system.

It is also planned  the construction of two buildings connected by two tunnels to a technical island, in which the central equipment serving the facilities of the bus station will be housed. Particular attention has been paid to the work's inclusion in the surrounding environment, optimising its inclusion also in terms of the landscape and minimising its visual and acoustic impact: in addition to providing for a 25 m deep tree enclosure, which extends north of the work for about 1. 150 metres, acoustic mitigation measures were also planned through the placement of noise barriers.

"We have unblocked a new investment whose preliminary project dates back to 1996," commented Bruno Chiari, General Manager of Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova, "and which is destined for the entire Garda territory with the aim of creating the best conditions for more traffic flow of traffic to the lake. As is well known, a significant part of the transit of vehicles heading to tourist resorts and attractions on Lake Garda currently uses the Peschiera tollbooth, where connections to the state road network in the lower Garda Veronese area are increasingly complex and not very functional, causing frequent delays and queues, especially at weekends and during the summer season, when traffic peaks. We have therefore developed this project both to solve this problem and to facilitate better management of commercial traffic as well, thanks to the almost direct connection of the A4 with the slip road to Affi".

The meeting was not only an opportunity to illustrate the details of the infrastructural intervention with the aid of a video rendering, but also to disclose the timeframe for the realisation of the work, whose timetable previews the publication of the call for tenders for the assignment of works within the first half of 2022, the awarding of the contract to the selected company(ies) by the end of the year, and the start of works within the first quarter of 2023. The construction site will be completed within 900 days from the start of the works.

The total investment, supported entirely by the A4 Holding Group, amounts to EUR 67.62 million.