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HVOlution arrives at Truck Park Brescia Est, the first enilive biofuel from renewable raw materials that can also be used by trucks
14 September 2023

On Saturday 16 September, the new biofuel will be presented as part of the Universal Truck Show 2023, the gathering event for the world of hauliers hosted by the Brescia Est car park.


The initiatives linked to sustainability and to A4 Holding's road mobility decarbonisation projects continue as part of the second edition of the Universal Truck Show, hosted again this year by Truck Park Brescia Est (via Sandro Pertini 16, Castenedolo) on 16 and 17 September 2023.

On Saturday 16 September, at 3.00 p.m., there will be an event organised in collaboration with Enilive, the new brand of Eni Sustainable Mobility, during which the characteristics and advantages of the new product HVOlution, the biofuel produced from 100% renewable raw materials*, will be presented. Speakers will include the top management of the A4 Holding Group's motorway company, those of its subsidiary A4 Trading, a company active for almost twenty years in user services connected to mobility along the A4 Brescia-Padua and the A31 Valdastico, and representatives of Enilive.

During the event, the first dispensing of HVOlution, a biofuel that can be used by all engines, including heavy-duty ones, compatible with the EN 15940 (XTL) specification product and composed of 100% HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil), will take place. HVOlution is produced in Eni Sustainable Mobility's Venice and Gela biorefineries mainly from waste raw materials - such as used cooking oils, animal fats and agro-food industry residues - plus a residual part of vegetable oils from plant cultivation on degraded land (and therefore not in competition with either food production or forest resources), in a circular economy model applied to mobility. If the entire logistics-production chain is considered, the reduction of emissions by HVOlution can reach up to 90% compared to the fossil reference mix, depending on the raw materials used for its production**.

A4 Holding has long pursued a strategy of social, economic and environmental sustainability, making choices and adopting behaviour that aim at a structured approach to sustainability. There are many materials and solutions used for a real reduction of the environmental impact on the territory: from the use of recycled material and sustainable graphene for asphalting road pavements and recycled salt for road de-icing, to the optimisation of waste management; from the considerable investments in noise barriers to manage noise pollution, to the promotion of electronic toll collection systems to reduce atmospheric emissions due to vehicle traffic.

Through the new HVOlution supply agreement with Eni Sustainable Mobility, which further increases the alternative fuels offer adopted by the A4 Holding Group (electric recharge stations and LNG, CNG and methane pumps), it will be possible in the coming weeks to refuel heavy vehicles in transit along the A4 motorway also at the Truck Park Brescia Est in the Castenedolo area, where there is the largest truck park in Europe used by more than 150 thousand trucks every year. Thanks to the use of this new biofuel, the reduction of CO2 emissions will also benefit the territories crossed by the motorway network managed by A4 Holding.

"Our experience continues and our activity to promote a model of mobility with a low environmental impact becomes increasingly qualified - is the comment of the Chairman of A4 Holding, Gonzalo Alcalde - also through valuable route partners such as Eni Sustainable Mobility. The daily attention we pay to the heavy haulage category through the various services organized in the renovated Truck Park Brescia Est, aims to perfect the offer and to satisfy the category of hauliers, now also with greater attention to the environment and the surrounding area, through the promotion of the use of eco-fuels".


* According to Directive (EU) 2018/2001 "REDII".

** According to the conventional criterion of the Directive (EU) 2018/2001 "REDII", the reduction of CO2eq emissions of HVOlution along the logistic-production chain in 2022 was between 60% and 90%, compared to the fossil reference mix (i.e. 94g CO2eq/MJ), depending on the raw materials used for its production.