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When driving, don't be a BOOZER
28 March 2023

A strong message “When driving, don't be a boozer “ contained in an impactful video made to push on the accelerator, but only on that of prevention and awareness of the effects of drinking and driving.

This is the contribution that the A4 Holding Group, through its concessionaire Società Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova, will convey as a partner for the four-day event "Vinitaly and the City 2023", which will accompany (from March 31 to April 3) the 55th edition of the largest international exhibition dedicated to wines and spirits.

The A4 Holding Group - a long-standing collaborator of Verona Fiere in monitoring and managing the traffic aspects of access to trade fair events in the city - chose to accompany the days of tastings, meetings and events on the route that spread through the squares and historical buildings of Verona with a message and video campaign aimed at making participants aware of the consumption of alcohol associated with driving and the often dramatic consequences.

"We are thus continuing our commitment and our path through the many awareness campaigns that speak in different forms to different targets and in as many places as possible," - commented Gonzalo Alcalde, President of A4 Holding. -  "We have very willingly adhered to this new way of letting people discover the places and beauties of Verona, participating with our message on the conscious and responsible consumption of wine, which is and will always be an enormous heritage of Italian and international culture, but never as much as the lives of our young people.”