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19 September 2023

Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova Motorway, after an initial summer trial period along the section of the A4 Brescia - Padua motorway between Soave and Verona Est, will continue to test the new CB Advisor warning system, configured to automatically transmit a pre-recorded and static warning radio message, with cyclic repetition, on city band frequencies.

From the first tests in the Verona area, the system was then transferred during the month of August to the Peschiera area in order to warn hauliers of the temporary ban on the circulation of vehicles weighing over 7.5 tonnes on Regional Road 450 Peschiera - Affi SR 11 Dir.

In the coming days, the CB Advisor system will be positioned at km 321+000, on the westbound carriageway, in order to pre-alert hauliers of the presence of the fixed construction site for the construction of the new Montecchio Maggiore bus station, which winds towards Milan between the Montecchio and Montebello toll booths.

Vehicles coming from both directions will simultaneously receive a message in two languages, Italian and English, alerting them to the approach of the construction site at least 3 km before the start of the same, specifying place and direction:

"Message from the Brescia - Padua motorway. Attention, construction site on A4 towards Milan between Montecchio and Montebello."

Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova motorway's objective remains to keep truck drivers ready and alert to respond appropriately to the presence of possible traffic anomalies and/or construction sites, warning them in advance and allowing them to prepare to react to any situation.