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Inauguration of the Interconnection of the A4 Brescia-Padova with the SPV Superstrada Pedemontana Veneta
03 May 2024

The inauguration of the interconnection between the A4 Brescia-Padua motorway and the Superstrada Pedemontana Veneta was held today in the presence of the top management of the A4 Holding Group, Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova Spa, representatives of the various construction companies united in RTI Montecchio Scarl, and the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia. 

The new link between the two arteries will be officially opened to vehicular traffic tomorrow morning, 4 May 2024, from 8.00 am. 

An interconnection that in the intentions of A4 Holding becomes strategic in order to concretely contribute - considering the continuously growing trend of daily traffic data - to avoid the criticalities caused by congestion on the Brescia-Padua section. 

A road infrastructure that is part of a complex four-and-a-half year intervention that will see the opening to traffic of the new Montecchio Maggiore bus station at the end of June 2024, the completion of the car park adjacent to the toll station in the weeks immediately following (in any case by July), and then in December the work on the new Maintenance Centre will also be completed, and then the reorganisation of the external road system outside the old Montecchio toll station. 

This articulated project, long awaited, has made it possible to carry out a set of works that will have the task of improving the functionality of the motorway connection with the ordinary road network, which in turn is connected to the regional and provincial mobility system and which has been experiencing various criticalities for some time. 

All this is intended to help alleviate the load conditions of the existing roads and intersections, which are already in a state of congestion, in the hope of further meeting the needs of the road system in the province of Vicenza and, in particular, the municipalities of Brendola, Montebello Vicentino and Montecchio Maggiore. 

The work plan called for a close synergy and continuous coordination with the construction sites of the Pedemontana Veneta Superstrada and the High Speed/High Capacity Railway and, due to the overlap with the new High Speed railway line between Verona and Vicenza, also required the simultaneous execution of the motorway underpass tunnels. 

New motorway junctions at staggered levels, the emergency lane on the A4 at the Milan-Venice railway line, with adaptation of the motorway axis for about 2 km, the reconstruction of the existing railway overpass and, as mentioned before, the construction of the new tollgate, as well as, of course, all the other completion works. 

The entire project, including the interconnection, involved an investment of almost 91 million euro, supported entirely by the A4 Holding Group's Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padua concessionaire, and involved no less than 140 companies in various capacities, working on the project, involving workers and technicians for approximately 500,000 man-hours. 

"Our Group - is the comment of Gonzalo Alcalde, Chairman of the A4 Holding Group - has shown once again how much it cares about the sustainable development of the whole Veneto region and in particular of the five provinces we have the burden and honour to cross with our motorways. We have dedicated and invested a lot in designing, innovating and making safe our link roads and we still believe, after more than seventy years of activity, in the importance of contributing to the growth of what for us represents a real ‘territorial capital’. This strategic graft with the Pedemontana Veneta motorway fits precisely into this way of conceiving our intervention, in the hope that on the one hand it will lighten the burden of traffic on the A4 to the benefit of those who travel on our motorways, but which we are sure will facilitate connections with the municipalities and industrial and artisan areas in the foothills".