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A4 Holding again alongside Fondazione Frena for the '67 Columns for the Verona Arena' project
29 June 2021

Once again this year A4 Holding is supporting the Fondazione Arena di Verona for the 98 Arena Opera Festival, which with the new season proposes itself as a true point of reference for artistic activities in the Veronese territory, following an undoubtedly complex and demanding year for the world of art, theatre and music.

The A4 Holding Group is at the side of Fondazione Arena in the dual role of sponsor partner and donor adherent to the fundraising and corporate membership project "67 Columns for the Verona Arena", an initiative designed to ideally reconstruct the outermost circle of the Arena's arches, destroyed by an earthquake in 1117. The initiative has the declared aim of bringing together 67 entrepreneurs and not only in a 'virtual embrace' towards the symbol and beating heart of the city of Verona, the Arena of Verona.

The '67 Columns' project is part of the wider crowdfunding campaign #iosonolarena, which through the protection and enhancement of the historical and artistic heritage sees the revival of the Verona area after a period in which art and culture in all its forms have been severely affected by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For years, the A4 Holding Group has been committed to supporting and preserving the beauty and importance of opera as a true heritage for the city of Verona, as well as actively promoting the territories crossed by its routes and all those realities that are part of them.

"We are honored to be able to count ourselves among the supporters of the '67 columns for the Arena of Verona' project, and we also want to join in this virtual embrace that tightens the Arena and the world of art and culture," says Gonzalo Alcalde, President of the Group. "We firmly believe in our role as promoters of socio-economic development and in our relationship with the territory to which we owe our origins and where every day we connect places and people. This is a moment of restart strongly awaited by all of us, which we could not miss."