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Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova motorway ready to manage in A4 the effects on traffic of the construction site of the high speed railway between Brescia and Verona
10 December 2020

Work on the high-speed railway line between Brescia East and Verona was recently started by the Cepav Due consortium, i.e. the Lombardy-Veneto lot of the TEN T Mediterranean Core Corridor, a railway infrastructure that will involve the territory of 11 municipalities in the provinces of Brescia, Verona and Mantua for about four years of work, for the construction of a railway line of about 48 km.

The AV/AC Brescia East-Verona line will mostly develop alongside the A4 Brescia-Padova motorway and the conventional railway line, and the realization of the important infrastructural project works will necessarily have an impact on road conditions and motorway traffic in both directions of march, considered the reductions of roadway, the interruptions of the emergency lane in wide stretches and the total closures of roadway in night time slot.

Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova therefore, in full and effective cooperation with the Cepav Due consortium, has already equipped itself to handle any type of interference with the ordinary road and traffic management to which travellers may be exposed during this work period, not only on the section between the Brescia Est and Sommacampagna toll stations in the province of Verona, but on the entire A4 from Brescia to Padua.

In this regard, in addition to the reinforcement of preventive information on work schedules and a further strengthening of teams dedicated to site surveillance activities in addition to the already significant patrolling and operational management of the road system by the Traffic Auxiliaries , a dedicated project structure was set up and financed, a highly specialised PMO team that will have the task of supervising and coordinating, from a management point of view, the development of engineering activities, also entrusted to a dedicated and specialised team, those related to motorway operation and relations with Cepav Due.

The Project Management Office, PMO, team, which is entrusted with the programmatic management of the activities of both the engineering group and the other internal actors of the company, will therefore be supported by the engineering team, which will instead have the task of overseeing the quality assurance (QA) activities of the operations carried out by Consorzio Cepav Due as well as verifying that the prescriptions drawn up during the design phase are respected during execution.

In this first phase of activity, the PMO is dedicated to the planning and scheduling of the Project Management Plan (PMP), i.e. the activities and relations with Cepav Due, which will be developed when the technical-specialist team is designated and activated. Subsequently, the PMO team will be called to supervise and coordinate, from a management point of view, the development of engineering activities, those related to the operation of the motorway and relations with Cepav Due.

A great deployment of forces and skills to best cope with the possible effects of the Cepav Due construction sites on motorway operations thanks to the adoption of innovative models such as the implementation of a PMO and dedicated teams to guarantee travellers maximum safety and minimum inconvenience.