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A4 Holding requires the opening of the ordinary layoff
31 March 2020

A4 Holding, the Abertis Group Company that manages the A4 Brescia-Padova and A31 Valdastico motorways, given the persistence and worsening of the drop in vehicular traffic on its sections under management - now stable at -80% on working days, with peaks of over -90% on the weekends - announces that it has carried out together with the company and territorial union representatives the joint examination required by law in order to forward the application for admission to the Ordinary Layoff, as required by the Decreto Legge 18/2020 "Cura Italia".

The request for ordinary salary integration treatment, which will start from tomorrow 1 April 2020 and will have a duration of 9 weeks, will concern 30% on a rotation basis of the 498 employees of the two subsidiaries Brescia-Verona-Vicenza-Padova Spa and A4 Mobility Srl.

A4 Holding also announces that it has already started an health insurance coverage for all Group employees, in order to deal with any medical-healthcare costs related to the epidemiological emergency ue to Covid-19 and that it has offered union parties its willingness to agree on how to use of the CIGO in order to mitigate its impact, also through the use of the residual holidays and recognizing the accrual of holidays, permits and additional monthly payments also in abstention periods.