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Theblackout: the new social campaign of A4 Holding on the risks of driving under the effects of alcohol and drugs
13 June 2019

"Carlos Rubio, 30 years old. He has been in prison for 2 years, 1 month and 15 days. He lost his best friend, Juan Antonio, and seriously injured two other people. Alcohol pushed him to drive faster than normal, without paying the necessary attention, and in a curve he lost control and collided. He killed his friend, forced a person to the hospital, almost lost a leg, lost his job, lost his wife and will have to carry this burden for the rest of his life. Today Carlos struggles to rebuild his life and take care of his son, who has leukemia.”

This is the true story of Carlos Rubio, protagonist of #theblackout, the new campaign of A4 Holding, a company of the Abertis Group that manages Autostrada Brescia-Padova and A31 Valdastico, to make young people aware of the risks of driving after consuming alcohol or drugs. A campaign that speaks to young people when a crucial moment is approaching, such as the summer season, synonymous with celebration and fun, during which the risk of accidents linked to the use of altering substances becomes higher.

The innovative and impactful campaign has Facebook and Instagram as distribution channels: in this way, young people can listen to the emotional story of Carlos Rubio. The campaign began on the night between Friday 7th and Saturday 8th June at Sesto Senso, a disco in Lonato del Garda (Brescia), one of the most recognized and appreciated nightlife brands, with an action called #theblackout.

At 4:00 am the disco suddenly turned off the lights and projected the video that tells, through his voice, the story of Carlos Rubio. The reactions of the public were recorded before, during and after the "blackout" and then a video was made, now available on the campaign website At the nightclub exit the participants received a luminous key ring to remember the slogan of the campaign: "do not turn off your light: only you have the key to do it", which kids were photographed with. The images were uploaded to the initiative's website and shared via social media.

What happended in Sesto Senso is the kick off of a campaign that will be supported through social networks and that will see young people as protagonists of its sharing. With the hashtag #illuminati, people are invited to learn about the initiative, participate in the action and help raise awareness among their friends.

In addition to the website, the video will also be shared on the A4 Holding social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

With this campaign, A4 Holding continues to work to promote safety on the road. A commitment that for A4 Holding is important and that the Abertis Group company wants to implement, by giving value to its excellence and bringing for the first time in Italy the best practices tested at international level in terms of road safety through the Abertis Foundation, that was founded in 1999 as a non-profit organization, with the purpose of responding to the impact that the economic activity of the Abertis Group has in various territories and countries in which the Group is present.

Watch the video here.




Credits video:


Agency: Kelsing Comunicación

Production: Warren Films

Video: Equipo Creativo Kelsing

Direction: David Salaices/ Ben Kendall

DOP: Ivan Sánchez Alonso

Organisation: José Manuel Quiroga

Post-production: El Colmo de Los Imágenes

Illustrations: Miguel Ángel Virumbrales

Social media plan:

Web: agenzia Exprimo Comunicazione